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About Me

Whether you are a business owner or employee, mum or not - you have lots on your plate! Many busy women wear many hats and can enjoy admin support at work and home. That's where Papillon Perth comes in. 


My journey into the virtual assistant (VA) world began with a simple observation - the incredible demands that women like my own mum were facing. I watched my mum struggling to keep up with the competing demands and realised there was a need for this type of support. After speaking with a business coach, my VA business was born! 


As a passionate VA with eight years of admin experience and a high-performing EA qualification, I have the expertise to handle your tasks and projects. In my previous roles, I was involved in projects such as:

  • Managing the CEO's task and project load through email + calendar management and one-on-one meetings

  • Running business improvement initiatives and tracking and reporting on them to the team leader 

  • Building a culture team to run employee engagement initiatives

This gave me great experience and taught me skills such as planning, research and leadership, which contribute to my new role as a VA business owner. 


I realise busy people like you need help staying organised and focused on what matters most, which is why my mission is to make your life easier by offering admin-related tasks and support. With me taking care of your to-do list, you can focus your precious time and energy on what matters to you. 

Now you might be wondering, why the name 'Papillon Perth'? Number one, I am based in Perth. And number two, 'Papillon', the French word for butterfly, represents transformation., growth and turning the mundane into something magnificent.

I look forward to assisting you in your journey! 


Sense of meaning

I have a connection with something larger than myself and have a sense of purpose in everything that I do for you. 

Love of learning

I love mastering new skills, topics and bodies of knowledge. I use this knowledge to help provide an excellent service to you.


I  consider different points of view to provide you with a balanced perspective.


I can provide wise counsel to others, which helps me share great advice with you related to the admin realm.



I am careful about my choices, which means I don't take undue risks in my work, and you can trust me to do the right thing by you.

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