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2024 = admin challenges no more!

Will 2024 be the year you finally get your admin sorted? Whether you do it with my help or not, you can read below for tips on how to make sure things get done and help you feel more calmer and organised. Come this way!

  1. Set aside a day for admin. Assign all your admin tasks to that day and make this the theme so you know when it's coming up.

  2. Use your calendar. Preferably a digital one that is shared. Put every appointment, event, important admin task on there that you can think of and set several reminders so there's no way you can miss them. One mum says she is "trying to maintain a diary" while another says she "marks things physically" on a calendar. And another says she uses her "calendar management system"

  3. Delegate. Of course first and foremost I would recommend you use my services :) However if you are lucky to have willing family and friends you can call on - make sure you do so! One mum says she ask for help from her "friend and other family members". Another says she "organises with others to help where possible". And another says she gets "a lot of help from my parents".

  4. Use a to do list. The good old to do list just can't be beat really. And there are systems such as Todoist which one mum says she uses. Check it out here: Another mum says "a to do list in my mind, or on paper". I would recommend the paper version or a digital version rather than keeping it in your head though ;)

  5. "Reschedule or prioritise." Another great way to manage your time from a busy mum.

  6. Switch to digital. All those bills and other things coming in the mail? See if you can set up for them to be emailed or use any apps available

  7. Use files for paperwork. For physical copies of paperwork that you must keep, use files with labels such as 'tax' or 'health'.

I hope these quick tips helped and I'd love to hear any of your own!



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