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Running your home like a business: tools for efficient home management

Modern family life - it’s busy! Overwhelmingly busy!

But what if you could manage it all with the efficiency of a business? This concept was first introduced to me in Patrick Lencioni’s book “3 big questions for a frantic family” (get your copy here: Table Group).

As I started thinking about this concept more and delved deep into the brilliant tool that is Notion, I started to think about how different tools and systems can be used for home management and family life aswell as business.

There are similarities with home and business: you can delegate tasks, work on projects, there are multiple schedules and a ‘team’ to manage, budgets are required etc. etc. And the benefits to running your home like a business are many including:

  • Increased organisation

  • Reduced stress

  • Better communication

  • Better collaboration

  • Enhanced ability to track and achieve family goals

And the right tools make this even better! But how do you choose out of the many that are out there? I will go over 5 today which I have seen or used in some capacity.


  • What is it: A visual project management tool using boards, lists and cards to help you organise tasks and projects

  • Link: Trello

  • Could be used for: Meal planning, chore charts, family event planning

  • Example use: Creating a weekly chore board for the family

  • My take: I haven’t used this much. The visual element is great but I prefer tools that offer space for more detailed text.


  • What is it: Task management tool focusing on team collaboration, making it perfect for managing household projects and assignments

  • Link: Asana

  • Could be used for: Task assignments, due dates, project timelines

  • Example use: Managing a home renovation project from start to finish

  • My take: I love the different views you can have in Asana, such as board view and list view. I’ve used this tool quite a bit for setting and tracking goals, and it’s particularly effective for keeping large projects organised.


  • What is it: All-in-one workspace combining notes, tasks, databases and calendars

  • Link: Notion

  • Could be used for: Recipe databases, home inventory, vacation planning

  • Example use: Creating a family knowledge base with important documents and information

  • My take: I am a BIG FAN of Notion. I have recently started using it instead of Asana and it’s awesome! I use it for a daily planner, habit tracker, learning list, to do list and more. The only downside I experienced was transferring data from Asana but overall, Notion’s capabilities are impressive.


  • What is it: Family organising app with a focus on shared calendars and lists, ideal for coordinating busy schedules

  • Link: Cozi

  • Could be used for: Shared family calendar, grocery lists, to-do lists

  • Example use: Coordinating busy schedules and meal planning

  • My take: This didn’t take off with my family. I set it up but it felt cumbersome for collaboration! You really need one person in charge of the program to make it effective.

Family Wall

  • What is it: Family organiser with a private social network for families, shared calendar and meal planner to centralise family communication

  • Link: Family Wall

  • Could be used for: Shared calendar, photo sharing, meal planner

  • Example use: Centralising family communication and planning family events

  • My take: One of my clients uses this tool and I can see the benefits. It actually reminds me of Notion with it’s versatility and the use of emojis to make planning more engaging.

Now we’ve been through that, here are some tips to get started with these tools:

  • Start small: Choose one or two to start with based on your family’s needs

  • Involve the family if you can: Get their input about how they want it to look. Let them try some of the tools and see which one they enjoy using

  • Customise your approach: Tailor the tools to suit your household. Visual learners might prefer Trello’s boards while those whole like written text might prefer Asana or Notion’s list views. Or for a great calendar view, you can use Cozi or Family Wall.

  • Set regular reviews: Schedule regular check-in’s to review the system’s effectiveness and make adjustments

I hope this guide helps you find the right tool for your family. Feel free to experiment until you find what works best for you. Have fun bring order and efficiency to your home management.



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