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Worried about hiring a VA? Your top concerns addressed

1. Cost - "A VA is a luxury I can not afford"

A VA is a savvy investment in your success and sanity! While it may seem like an added expense up-front, the time and energy saved by delegating to a skilled VA can have significant long-term benefits making it a worthy investment rather than a luxury.

2. Quality - "How can I trust that the quality of work will meet my standards?"

Ask other clients! If the VA has many happy clients, they will often have testimonials they can share with you such as the one I've shared below. Also ensure you clearly communicate your expectations from the start.

3. Privacy - "I'm concerned about sharing my personal information with a VA"

Another question to ask! Check what security measures the VA has in place. For my clients, I have a confidentiality agreement and the ability to store sensitive info on LastPass.

4. Communication - "How can I ensure we will communicate effectively?"

Say before you pay! Let the VA know your preferred communication method/s. You can also get a sense of their communication style on the first call. Communicate availability and check what theirs is like aswell. Any communication preferences should be made clear from the beginning.

5. Needs - "I'm not sure if a VA will understand my specific needs"

Discuss before you begin! If there is specific expertise required, ensure you are selecting a VA with that specific experience or skillset. While many VAs like myself do general admin, there are also VAs with specific technical skillsets. Also if what you are asking can be easily taught, check that the VA is willing to learn. Quite a few would have set up all their business functions on their own so have learnt by experience and can easily learn more.



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