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Help! It's the holidays again and I have nothing planned

Feeling like this? You are not alone. It can be hard to know what to do during the holidays, especially when you are so busy during the year and haven't had the space to plan anything. Thankfully I did some research and found this great discussion on mumsnet and a few different articles. I have summarised the tips below or you can visit the links at the bottom of the post.

  • Plan weeks and theme days

  • Have picnic lunches

  • Book in for local holiday activities

  • Let the kids find things to do

  • Visit parks

  • Arrange activities with other mums

  • Think back to activities you enjoyed as a kid

  • Book in appointments

  • Get jobs done and get the kids to help

  • Do DIY craft projects

  • Play games and do puzzles

  • Give the kids bedrooms a makeover




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