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Mum hacks!

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

As we head into the new year, a good old life hack is always in order to achieve those big awesome goals.
Special thanks to Hannah Jennings for supplying these wonderful mum hacks
*The old cloth nappies are good spit rags
* The pram/bouncer/carrier comes in handy when trying to hang washing or cook tea.
*Hire a cleaner so you can spend quality time adjusting to having a little one or if people ask to help out - give them a list e.g. cook dinner, go grocery shopping, clean, mow the grass, take dog for a walk, take other kids to the park, watch bubs while you have a shower.
*Take bub for a drive or walk if they aren’t settling.
*Have a sleep when bubs does. Also try to get kids on the same sleep schedule so you can have a nap then too
*Reading to them while feeding helps with development.
*Get them into a bedtime routine from a young age e.g. tea, shower, teeth, book, bed



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